Summer Home Hygge

Summer Home Hygge

The summer is always the most difficult time for me to find hygge - I'm not a fan of hot weather and our baseball season is always so busy that there isn't much time to rest.  Coziness for me is found in a hot drink and snuggled in a blanket, which is out of the question for summer weather.  If you also find yourself struggling to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in the summer, then you've landed on the right post. Below are my favorite ways to create hygge in the summer:

1. Make Jam

Strawberries and rhubarb are at their peak in early summer, which makes it the perfect time to stock your pantry. You can also gift your friends a jar or two when you're invited to a cookout!

2. Have a bonfire

Togetherness is a key to having hygge, and there's nothing more relaxing than sitting around a campfire. If hosting isn't your strongest asset, make it a potluck and have your guests bring an appetizer to share.  Provide them with a s'mores bar; complete with marshmallows, different chocolates, graham crackers, and fudge striped cookies.

3. Invest in a hammock and a good book.

Finding time to rest and reset is key in the summer, especially for me. Having a hammock and good book is the perfect way to enjoy nature, a summer breeze, and get lost in a story.

4. Take a garden tour.

When I was younger, I thought it was so strange that my mom and aunts would leave our cottage in Door County to drive to a women named Lenore's home just to look at her gardens. Now, as an adult, I truly wish I knew how to get to Lenore's house so I, too, could enjoy the beauty of her garden.  Try searching for garden tours in your area or find a botanical garden near you.

5. Visit a fair or festival.

In Wisconsin, we have county and state fairs. We make it a point every year to attend as many as we can.  We look through the animal tents (I tried to convince my husband to steal a piglet last year), eat the fried food, support our local 4-H clubs, and enjoy music and rides. Being in a small town helps to boost that feeling of togetherness and nostalgia. If you don't have anything local, see what you can find in a nearby town.

6. Have a picnic.

A simple way to disconnect for the internet and reconnect with nature.  Pack a simple lunch with sandwiches and fruit and a sparkling drink and enjoy the afternoon in a shady spot at a park or near a river.

7. Enjoy a summer thunderstorm.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to sit in our breezeway and enjoy the rain and thunder - especially if it's an afternoon storm.

8. Visit a local farmer's market.

Our small town has a farmer's market every Saturday morning in the summer, and, when we don't have baseball games, we love taking our bikes down there to pick up fruits and veggies, bread, and fun decor from local vendors and farmers.

9. Get out on the water.

Take a drive out to a lake or river and get in! Whether you're in the kayak or canoe or just dipping your toes in. Don't have the right gear? There are so many places that rent out kayaks!

10. Go treasure hunting.

This is probably one of my favorite year-round activities! Thrifting in shops in the winter and then finding flea markets in the summer is such a fun way to bring that nostalgia and a touch of old to your home.

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